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2715 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, United States
2715 Reynolda Road Winston-Salem North Carolina 27106 US

SkyQuest International offers a range of appraisal services including certified, extended desktop, and technical appraisals to operators, banks and individuals.

All appraisals will include:

  • Analysis of the current market
  • Fleet Status Report
  • Aircraft Valuation
  • Market Report
  • Current Market Value
  • Liquidation Value

Determining Value

An accurate aircraft appraisal must consider:

  • Physical condition
  • Maintenance status
  • State of maintenance records
  • Regulatory conformity
  • Operational status
  • Location

Additionally, an accurate appraisal must consider several contributing factors such as market conditions and balance, current trading activity, time allowed for market exposure, and if the aircraft is valued as part of a fleet.

Desktop Appraisal

Desktop aircraft appraisals do not involve a physical inspection of the aircraft or review of maintenance records. It is based on assumed aircraft condition and maintenance status or on information provided to the appraiser.

A desktop appraisal value is typically based upon a mid-time, mid-life aircraft.

Extended Desktop Appraisal

Extended desktop aircraft appraisals include consideration of maintenance status information provided to the appraiser by the owner or operator. It does not include any inspection of the aircraft or maintenance records.

An extended desktop appraisal typically provides a value that includes adjustments from the mid-time, mid-life baseline to account for actual maintenance status.

Full Appraisal

Full aircraft appraisals include an inspection of the aircraft and its maintenance records. This inspection is aimed solely at determining the overall condition of the aircraft and records to support the value opinions of the appraiser. The inspection would not include opening of inspection panels or a detailed review of record archives.

A full appraisal would provide a value that includes adjustments from the mid-time, mid-life baseline to account for actual maintenance status, and possibly other adjustments to reflect the findings of the aircraft and records inspection.

In addition to the National Association of Aircraft Appraisers, SkyQuest International is affiliated with the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). ISTAT is a non-profit society whose members have common interests in the manufacture, purchase, brokerage, leasing, maintenance and appraisal of transport aircraft. SkyQuest personnel follow the objectives and guidelines promoted by ISTAT.